Granite Vanity Tops

Care and Maintenance Instructions
This granite vanity top is made of natural stone and has been treated with a protective sealer to resist liquid spills on the surface and provide time to wipe them promptly before they penetrate and stain the stone.
An oil and moisture resistant sealer is recommended for all natural stone products and should be applied before use and re-applied as often as required.

Your vanity top will remain in its original state if you maintain and clean it properly. We recommend the following procedures:
· Clean polished stone with soap and water before application of the sealer.
· Follow sealer manufacturer’s instructions to reseal natural stone products.
· To keep your natural stone vanity top hygienically clean, please lean liquid spills of wine, alcohol, citrus juices, fruit, soft drinks, oils, etc. promptly with clean water or a mild neutral cleaner.
· Use soft cleaners or scotch-bright type pads to clean tough debris.
· Do not use steel wool or ceramic scrubbers as they will damage the surfaces.
Installation Guidelines
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